Our Story 

The Sea Turtle is our mascot and inspiration because sea turtles are hard-wired to follow the brightest light. Throughout all of history, that light was the moon and stars creating a bright glow on the ocean, which guides the newly hatched turtles to their home.

In fact, they need to make it to the ocean rather quickly in order to survive. But since electricity was invented 100 years ago, man-made lights appear to outshine the natural light, confusing the turtles. When they hatch now, they do not know which light to follow and have become an endangered species.

We recognize that this mirrors the college and young adult experience. It turns out that #peopleareturtlestoo.

People also look for all kinds of shiny lights or things to fill a void. They will chase success, money, the appearance of the perfect life on social media because they think that will make them happy, and bring purpose to their lives. Some of these things are not inherently bad but every light that is not from God leads people away from what God created them for.

We find that life is a team sport that you were never meant to do alone. God created us for the community. Having people in your life who have your back, and who care about you- the real authentic you. People who want to hear your story, pray for you, and do life with you growing in faith, hope, and love together is one of the most important things in life.

Lauren Kincaid 

Founder of Sea Turtle Ministries