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Get Involved:

    • There are over 20,000 college students in the greater Charleston area, divided among several schools:  College of Charleston, The Citadel, Trident, Charleston Southern, MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina), and the  The Charleston Art Institute.   Fewer than 1% are engaged in any regular church or ministry.
    • Additionally  there are over 100,000 young adults in the 18-30 age group.  Many are doing great in life, and we want to further equip and empower them.  Others are really struggling.  They need YOUR help to know they are loved, and that their life matters. 
    • We at Sea Turtle are passionate about STEWARDSHIP.  It takes a Village to reach thousands of young adults.   We are stewarding the vision God has given us.  And we need YOU to partner with us, sharing you TIME, Your TALENTS and your TREASURES.  Your generous gifts enables us to reach as many students as possible.

Here are 7 ways that you can help:  

1) FOLLOW US: Sign up for our Turtle Tracks newsletter.  We send this out monthly to keep everyone in the Turtle Tribe up to date on what’s happening.  And areas where you can plug in and help us to shine God’s LIGHT in our city! While you are at it, follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!

2)  PARTNER WITH US: by becoming a regular monthly donor. This will enable us to increase the numbers of students that we are reaching each month. Our partners are absolutely a critical part of the Turtle Tribe and enable us to reach as many young people as possible. Get involved here.

3)  PRAY FOR US: We take prayer very seriously and are so grateful for your prayers!  If you live in town and can commit to weekly or monthly meetings, we’d love for you to COME and join our NINJA Turtle Prayer Team.  Our Ninjas are very involved at Sea Turtle.  We hold regular Prayer Team meetings and would love to see this city, and her people bathed in 24/7 prayer.   We also send people to pray for specific students and their families needs.  Truly, in many ways this is our most important ministry.  Prayer Changes Hearts and Lives.

4)  DONATE YOUR TALENTS: as a mentor or a small group leader.  We have continuous groups running on a variety of topics (see list below). If you are skilled in leading any of these topics, or wish to be trained, in order to reach college students with the issues, contact us!

ADDITIONALLY We need volunteers to come alongside some of our Homeless Students. Most students struggling in this area do not have any safe family to turn to.  We believe it is the Church’s job to BECOME that spiritual family and safe place. All of us are hardwired to belong in community.  Jesus is very clear that what we do for the least of these, we do for him. Help us, as we walk alongside people to pull them out of relational poverty and into being rooted and flourishing in community.  

5)  INTERN WITH US: We have several unpaid internships available  each semester in a variety of categories:

  • Marketing and communications
  • Fundraising
  • Administration
  • Counseling and Social Work
  • Hospitality

6)  APPRENTICESHIPS: we are partnering with local businesses and associations to offer PAID apprenticeships.  

  • Presently we have some job connections in the HOSPITALITY industry.  Several paid jobs, and some that could lead to Culinary Certifications for future chefs.  
  • If you want to partner with us, and offer paid internships, then contact us, and we’d love to partner with you.  


  • Meals for Small Groups-We regularly are providing meals and snacks to our small groups. You can cook and provide  a meal, or donate the funds for us to do it.  
  • Food for our Outreach Teams- we prepare sandwiches and snacks for our homeless outreach. And often take a homeless student out for coffee or a meal.  In certain situations we provide gift cards to them for food.  
  • Grocery gift cards for struggling students/homeless students
  • Provide coats, blankets and mens socks (black sox are best) for us to distribute in the winter.
  • Provide a CARTA bus pass ($57 per month).
  • Provide RIDES to homeless students to various meetings and appointments.

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    When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

    John 8:12

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    Sponsorship Opportunities 

    We Need Your Help! 

    You can make a difference by joining Sea Turtle Ministries as an annual donor! We need to raise $150,000 of annual funds to run this mission and maintain our current programs.

    • Leadership Development
    • Life-Groups
    • Mentorship
    • Community and Homeless Outreach
    • Non-Residential Internship

    Young adults between the age of 18 and 30 are at a pivotal point in their lives trying to find their identity in the world, going to college, finding their careers, meeting the right partner in life, etc.

    Doing all of this while also trying to walk a counter-culture lifestyle with Christ is nearly impossible without a community of believers to help stand the test of trials, and walk in obedience. With your help we can continue to run our current programs and begin to launch the next phase of programs including:

    • Residential Internship
    • Weekly Friday Night Worship Gathering.
    • Expanded Community and Homeless Outreach.
    • Late Night Sober Café.

    It is our sincere hope that as you learn more about our specialized programs, you will pray about becoming a partner in our mission

      My time with the small group has been amazing! Everyone is always open and welcoming to newcomers and I have made some great friends! The leaders do a great job of encouraging open discussion and questions. I have learned so much about Jesus and am excited to continue learning more with this group!

      Sara Murphy, Co-Ed Life Group Member


      Here is a list of potential Sponsorship Packages, but we want to partner with you so if you don’t see something that interests you reach out to Erin Didyoung at to learn more about custom packages.