Guest Author: Eden Fisseha

A special Mother’s Day Poem from our Sea Turtle Family.

This word that is added to a lot of things.
But the most significant of those is the one who gave us life.
From the moment we draw breath she is there as a soothing agent giving us. strength and warmth from her heart.
She started out by being in a pain she could not have imagined for a child she could not imagine loving as much as she did when she first held the baby.

Mother's Day Poem Scripture
We take sustenance from her not knowing that our feeding might cause her pain.
Yet she pushes forward with the pain in her center and bags under her eyes.
You would not know it though because the minute she sees her child she looks in love.
Absolutely, irrevocably, in love.
Surely God put that look on her face to give us a glimpse of his own feelings for us.
The strength that she carries must be supernatural.
Since God gave her the ability to grow room in her heart, He also has to give her the strength to take care of the joy that he has given her.
Surely, the load she carries is a reflection of how much God carries us in His heart.

Mother is such a big word.
Encompassing not only those who give us life physically.
But also those who give us life spiritually.
These mothers show us that we don’t have to have the same blood to love.
These mothers take time to love others and fill them up spiritually.
Often these mothers have been given this task by God.
These titan mothers pray with us, cry with us, and rejoice with us.
The guidance they give often understand underrated is priceless.

Mother whether related by Blood or Jesus is a responsibility and gift from God.
Life would not be the same without them.
Let us honor them that our lives on this earth might be many.

Gift Idea’s for Mother’s Day:

  • If your Mom doesn’t live near you, this is a great place to purchase flowers around the country from ProFlowers.
  • If you have siblings, you can order a beautiful custom necklace with your names on it from Etsy.
  • If your Mom’s love language is Words of Affirmation, you can order a custom card from Touchnote.
  • If your Mom’s love language is Acts of Service, deep clean her house or fix something that’s been broken.
  • If your Mom’s love language is Quality Time, make her breakfast in bed.

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