Mentorship Program 

We believe that mentorship is important for all who follow Jesus, whether you are a new believer, seasoned Christian, or are in a leadership role in the body of Christ. In order to effectively pour into others, you need to be poured into. Mentorship is putting faith and love into action- coming alongside another person to do life with them, point them to Jesus, and play an influential role in their life. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens  another.” God uses mentorship and discipleship to grow the faith of not only the mentee but of the mentor as well. 

Sea Turtle Ministries’ mentorship program has multiple levels of mentorship, where mentors can be placed according to experience and spiritual maturity. Each mentee will be assigned a  mentor based on the specific needs and background of the mentee and on availability. All mentors will go through training designed specifically for mentorship and discipleship. 

At Sea Turtle Ministries, mentoring may look like: 

  • Talking about all areas of life and working through the good and the bad Studying the Bible and praying together 
  • Choosing a relevant book, podcast, article, or series to go through together Holding each other accountable and recognizing blind spots 
  • Addressing areas of sin, ongoing struggle, or ungodly thinking 
  • Building each other up in faith, hope, and love, in a grace-filled honoring way. 

For our Sea Turtle leaders, mentorship is required and will also include: 

  • Discussing the mentee’s leadership role 
  • Talking about the wins and challenges that come with leadership 
  • Accountability that is specific to leaders 

We believe a good mentor does not have to be perfect, have pastor-level knowledge of the  Bible, or even feel extremely qualified; however, they must have a willingness and desire to pass on what God has done in their heart and life to someone else. Most importantly, they must listen to the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them in the process of mentoring and discipleship, have a base knowledge of the Bible, exude humility, and have the desire to love the next generation well.

Request a Mentor

Are you interested in a mentorship? Email Lauren Kincaid at to request more information on how to start.