Tuesdays 2 – 4pm

College of Charleston • Cougar Mall

FREE hugs, food, and so much more!

Our message to students is this: YOU MATTER and the moms and dads of Charleston are here for you! We know a lot of moms and dads who have an endless supply of love to give and are looking for someone to bless. We are here to bring unconditional love, friendship, and hope to young adults through food, encouragement, and support with moms, dads, and grandparents who deeply care about you. No strings attached!

Come enjoy baked goods

Even the best meal plans fall short of a good homemade treat. Let us bless you with some delicious snacks and dessert during a busy week, while cramming for tests, or just because!

An encouraging atmosphere

Sometimes you need someone to talk to, a pet to play with, or just a hug. We’re here to give you a chance to unplug and enjoy a little family time, make new friends, or just have fun.

No Strings Attached!

It seems everyone wants something from you, but we do it all for you. Is it really all free? Absolutely. We simply want you to know that you are seen, that you are loved, and that you matter.

How can I help?

Our volunteers and partners are essential to everything we do. With your support, we can make a much bigger impact.

We’re bringing unconditional love, encouragement, and support to College of Charleston. 

CHS Free Moms & Dads is modeled after NCSU Free Moms in Raleigh, NC, which was started in 2019 by Nancy Nelson, the “OG Free Mom.” It is a large volunteer base of moms, dads, and grandparents who faithfully connect with and support thousands of college students each week through baked goods, hugs, empathetic listening, and unconditional love. Our core mission is beautifully straightforward: To show up, bring treats, and extend genuine care with no hidden agenda but love. Nancy has advocated for other moms and dads across the United States to start similar programs at college campuses in their cities. We heard the call and saw the value. The mission and vision of Sea Turtle Ministries aligns with theirs, so we decided to bring it here to College of Charleston.