God wired us for the community, belonging, and connection, and what better way to live that out than in Life Groups! LIFE= Living in Freedom Everyday! This looks like a weekly meeting where a group of young adults shares a meal, have open and honest discussions, study God’s Word, spend time in prayer, build each other up, and simply do life together.  It’s a place to be loved, safe, valued, and to know that others have your back in life and in prayer.

Current LIFE Groups: 

  • Young Professionals Men’s Group: Meets 6:30 PM on Tuesday’s at the Sea Turtle Ministry House Downtown.

The goal of the men’s group is to build up leaders who can lead in all aspects of life through Jesus. Secondly these men will be “wild at heart” in their journey.

Text Marshal Haas for more information. 843.718.7737

  • Co-Ed Young Professionals Group: Meets 6:30 PM on Thursday’s at the Sea Turtle Ministry House Downtown.

The sea turtle co-ed LIFE group is a group of like-minded young adults who desire to know God on a deeper level. The group hopes to achieve this through fellowship with Jesus Christ by going deeper into The Word and fellowshipping with one another through games, conversation, and other activities.

The group desires to cultivate each individual and grow together in Christ. This group is a life group, which means that more than regular meetings, the group is involved in each other’s lives by praying for each other, rejoicing together, and standing together in times of need.

This group seeks to see every member grow in a relationship with Christ so that everyone understands what worth they have in the kingdom of God.

Text Lauren Williams for more information. 843.568.2562

  • Co-Ed Praise Group: Meets 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM on Friday’s at the Sea Turtle Ministry House Downtown.

This is a group of prayer warriors and musicians coming together to worship and pray. They always have dinner and beverages. This group is incredibly anointed and is always welcoming to anyone interested in a fun sober Friday night. 

 Text Lauren Kincaid for more information. 843.973.0813

  • Young Professionals Ladies Group: Meets 7:00 PM on Wednesday’s at the Sea Turtle Ministry House Downtown.

 Text Suzi Vallez-Sheldon for more information. 214.608.6607