The purpose of Sea Turtle Women’s Ministry is to help women find their identity in Christ. This group consists of women in their 20s and early 30s. This world offers many things to place your identity in, school, job, sports, relationships but there is only one thing that is forever, Jesus. Our group focuses on strengthening women’s relationship with Christ during life’s transitions and giving a safe place for women to go when they need it the most.

The sea turtle co-ed life group is a group of like-minded young professionals who desire to know God on a deeper level. The group hopes to achieve this through fellowship with Jesus Christ by going deeper into The Word and fellowshipping with one another through games, conversation, and other activities. The group desires to do life together and grow together in Christ.

The purpose of the Sea Turtle Men’s Ministry is to build each other up in our faith in Christ as we navigate life together in our 20’s and 30’s. God has a particular role and function for men in His Kingdom, and we seek to understand that with greater clarity through the Bible. We aim to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ, to grow in relationship to each other as a brotherhood, and to grow in our knowledge and application of the Bible. This enables us to be effective leaders in our church, family, workplace, marriages, and other relationships.