Poems by Eden

Why do I love you?

Is it because you died for me?

Is it because you love me?

Or you save me?

Or you do things for me?


What is a good reason to love a God?

Is it so He won’t smite you?

Send you to Hell?

This does not apply to me.


Because I have a God

Who is powerful yet sweet,

Who is terrible but good,

Who would die for me,

Even if I was the only one.


His love itself is unexplainable

Why would any being,

Love a creature who is so far beneath it

Who is dirty with sin

We do nothing for Him

Yet He didn’t want heaven without us. 


This doesn’t make sense

Why do we love each other

I guess the concept of love is too much

For a feeble human mind to understand


A love so great that a God would send his son

His only son to die for dirty creatures

A love that’s not even close to reciprocated

But is given freely with grace


What kind of love is this?

I can’t wrap my mind around it

This love is so selfless so giving


My question is why? Why do I love you? Why do you love me?

I might never get why you love me

I can say that to turn from such an all-consuming love is foolish

Where am I going to get a love like this?

Certainly not from another, especially not from a human.

Best grab it while I can

And let the fire of your love change me


I know I will never be worth it

I just pray you to give me the strength 

To walk in your ways

I pray that your love

 Will be with me always.