Poems by Eden

I see a dancer 

Feet beating to the sound of his drums

He danced for the land

The people he loved

As he danced the world was created


The musician and the dancer were one

For the glitch in the song they separated

The song changed for a minute

The change in the beat

Changed the dance of the dancer

Again, they were one


The dancer willingly

Offered his flesh as an offering

For the people he sang for

The people he loved

Becoming the ultimate sun dancer


Through this sacrifice, the comforter was born

The spirit from the musician and the dancer

Takes the prayer form the people 

The people they all loved as one


The dancer, the musician, and the spirit

The holy trio

Dancing and making music

For the people they loved


Then one day the music with change

The people who were loved will join him

Together they will dance forever

With the dancer and the musician and the spirit